What do guys think when your pregnant. 11 men reveal what they thought of their partner's body when she was pregnant.

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What do guys think when your pregnant

With the pregnant body garnering so much positive attention from social media men have become much more accepting and loving of the pregnant female form. Your man is going to LOVE that! Do not be surprised if he purchases a home security system, a gun, or defends you in public more often. We can't help but notice a woman who's fertile. The closer you get to labor, the more excited he is going to become. The bigger boobs thing was pretty nice too. You can't control the hormones so you might as well laugh! She thinks she's ugly now because of the scar. All these issues can be extremely tricky to maneuver when it comes to people that hardly know one another. These are the stories he will someday tell your child so try to have a good sense of humor. Another time, as I was heading to work, a something guy fell into step next to me, doused me with charm, and looked hurt when I declined his offer to buy me a coffee. Those tears are tears of joy. Set up a pregnancy photo shoot and he's guaranteed to be there cheering you on. What do guys think when your pregnant

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What do guys think when your pregnant

What do guys think when your pregnant

What do guys think when your pregnant

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  1. I'll always remember and appreciate a construction worker who, with the quiet gallantry and flourish of a knight, halted traffic to let me waddle across 37th Street.

  2. To carry and deliver a child with ease, thicker thighs, widened hips, and a heavier waist are necessary. It was an awesome combination of super sexy and awe of what was going on inside of her.

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