Pregnancy via anal sex. After a woman became pregnant through anal sex, here’s how it’s possible….

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Can You Get Pregnant From Anal?

Pregnancy via anal sex

Macmillan; May 1. So if you are having anal sex without a condom, then it's possible that some sperm can also get into your vagina and cause a pregnancy. Sperm has to reach the egg for pregnancy to occur. When used correctly, condoms provide excellent protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections STIs , but if you put two condoms on at once, they will rub together and there's a higher chance of condom breakage. Similarly, sperm entering the mouth cannot cause pregnancy. So, can it happen? While sperm can for days in your reproductive tract, they cannot live in your digestive tract. If you wish to prevent pregnancy and are sexually active, there are many birth control options to discuss with your doctor. STIs, however, including HIV, can be passed to or from an anal sex partner, so using condoms with a suitable lubricant is always a good idea. The more recent the ejaculation, the more likely sperm outside the body is still alive and mobile. If you're taking the pill, you can track in Clue and get personalized advice on what to do if you miss a pill. If after reading this you're worried you might be pregnant, check out our guide to emergency contraception , advice about what to do if your period is late , and information on the symptoms of early pregnancy. You cannot get pregnant from swallowing semen. So what's next? Withdrawal often doesn't work due to the fact that it's very hard to time the pulling-out correctly. Pregnancy via anal sex

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Pregnancy via anal sex

Pregnancy via anal sex

Pregnancy via anal sex

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  1. If you and your partner choose to engage in anal sex, communication is key. Hum Reprod. Overview According to a study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior , people in the United States seem to be having more anal sex today than they did in the past.

  2. In addition, the researchers learned that many women find anal sex enjoyable, while others find it painful or unpleasant and only agree to it due to some other factor. If all other conditions are right, some medical authorities believe that this could result in pregnancy. Tone A.

  3. If after reading this you're worried you might be pregnant, check out our guide to emergency contraception , advice about what to do if your period is late , and information on the symptoms of early pregnancy.

  4. So in theory, even without ejaculation in the vagina, pregnancy could occur with vaginal penetration during foreplay leading up to anal sex.

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