How can i grow my edges back. Read This Before Trying An Edge Restoring Product.

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How can i grow my edges back

The best oil to use is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. If you do get extensions, ask your stylist to leave out your edges. Fear not, there are ways to grow them back. Your hair and your edges need them to grow and maintain strength. The omega six fatty acids also support hair growth and is an anti-inflammatory. Rough handling and over-brushing can weaken already fragile edges and cause breakage. Massage Your Edges Once you get yourself a bottle of Jamaican black castor oil, three times a week, massage your edges for about 15 minutes. Emmanuel recommends a combo of Minoxidil and low-level laser therapy to help stimulate regrowth, but notes both solutions are FDA-approved for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. Scalp Needs to Breathe If you want to grow your edges back, you must allow your scalp to breathe. Using petroleum-based products with hot tools to straighten the edges. How can i grow my edges back

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How can i grow my edges back

How can i grow my edges back

How can i grow my edges back

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  1. It goes way beyond protecting your edges: There is no secret potion that can return them to their glory in 30 days — but with time, patience, and expert input, you can actually restore your hairline.

  2. It goes way beyond protecting your edges: Use Strengthening and Protein Products Another way to grow your edges is by using repairing products. Try not to over-handle them while they're trying to grow.

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