What is meaning of being. .

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How to Use the word "being" correctly in English - uses of ‘being’ -Free Spoken English Techniques

What is meaning of being

Meanwhile, topological geometry could only arise on the basis of problems posed within mathematics itself at the stage at which the whole body of natural science and industry had arrived at in the nineteenth century. Measure is this unity of quality and quantity; qualitative change which is identical with quantitative change. Next in the development was projective geometry, which was suggested by the Greeks but not fully developed until the seventeenth century. The demand of the pedant: The history of science and genetic psychology are both huge subjects in themselves, with or without a consideration of their relation to Hegel's Logic, and must be the subject of separate study. It is this passage of a quantity beyond its limits which throws forward the new quality and provides the motive force of contradictions which arise in the process of reflection. Similarly, the state-in-itself is the yet immature and patriarchal state, where the various political functions, latent in the notion of the state, have not received the full logical constitution which the logic of political principles demands. And what the child has to do is to rise out of this abstract and undeveloped 'in-himself' and become 'for himself' what he is at first only 'in-himself' - a free and reasonable being. Being - Notion - Idea The philosophy of Being is first of all "awareness". On the other hand, when we look at the theoretical relationships between these three types of geometry, we find that the most primitive type is topology and that both Euclidean and projective geometry can be derived from topological geometry. On the contrary, it continues unabated. What is meaning of being

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What is meaning of being

What is meaning of being

What is meaning of being

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  1. This stage of a social entity when it exists only in the most abstract sense of being a category of individuals is called "Being". However, the Notion, as a summing up of millennia of human practice, in comparison to the way Being comes before us as "one damn thing after another", is rich and concrete.

  2. To elevate it into an absolute like the ancients and like the gurus of "awareness" is one relative moment or stage of the Absolute Idea. Further determination shows that a certain quality is in greater or lesser quantity; our representation is deepened by quality differentiated quantitatively within itself. Being is Nothing!

  3. Further determination shows that a certain quality is in greater or lesser quantity; our representation is deepened by quality differentiated quantitatively within itself. Undoubtedly, the ancient Greeks and Egyptians who founded metric geometry already had "topological intuitions and operations" in hand, as is more than demonstrated in their written language. Thus the man, in himself, is the child.

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