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Czech authentic

The sounds and rhythms of Slavic language and song might have been largely unfamiliar to Athens residents, but the display and assortment of singing talent revealed the beauty found in the songs of the Czechoslovakian language. Once again, one felt immersed in the culture and could almost see the mountains and hear the cows. After the performance, the children greeted the spectators and talked among themselves. The 34 children are travelling across the Eastern coast of the United States on a 3-week tour at the request of the Czech embassy in Washington D. Several songs were accompanied by live piano music. Although there was a slight language barrier between the singers and attendees, the children smiled and thanked everyone for coming to hear them sing. The boys were clad in white shirts with bright yellow pants. Save Though unfamiliar to many, Czech culture is rich with song, dance and textiles. Following the bell, three female singers would respond with a harmonic yodel in turn. In preparation, the children practiced for over a year. The youth of the choir gave an ethereal, pure quality to the sound of the songs. As they skipped around a maypole, braids bouncing and streamers in hand, one could easily imagine themselves transported back to the rural 19th century Czechoslovakia. Many of the girls went through costume changes throughout the performance and did so seamlessly. The children dressed in traditional Czechnian folk clothing throughout the second act. The usage of instruments created additional emotional depth to the songs. The dancers added an extra element to the musical craft and the performance truly shined during the second act. Townies and students alike gathered in the Hugh Hodgson Concert Hall, listening intently to the melodious voices. Czech authentic

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Czech authentic

Czech authentic

Czech authentic

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  1. The 34 children are travelling across the Eastern coast of the United States on a 3-week tour at the request of the Czech embassy in Washington D.

  2. In preparation, the children practiced for over a year. Through arm movements and a harmonica, he directed the performance with elegance.

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