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The medication is available without a prescription and the pills can produce a potent, hallucinogenic high when taken by the handful. The medication is used legitimately to treat the symptoms that typically result from colds or upper respiratory allergies. What are the risks? Let's go! Triple C tablets are generally taken orally. High doses of dextromethorphan result in an increased body temperature, which poses a particularly acute health threat if the drug is used in an environment—such as a rave or dance club—where users are dancing among crowds of people. Usually stocked on open shelves, Triple C is susceptible to shoplifting, which has caused some stores to place it behind the counter. The medication comes in a variety of forms, including; red tablets, red softgel tablets, and red liquid. It's believed teens are stealing the drugs from local stores. The Davis Police Department is alerting parents to a popular cold remedy now being abused by local teenagers. The risks to Triple C abusers are heightened because the medications that are abused contain additional ingredients such as expectorants, pain relievers, and antihistamines that produce additional side effects and compound the risks associated with dextromethorphan. Teensarea

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  1. However, abusers typically consume many times the recommended dose, which produces hallucinations and dissociative effects similar to those experienced with PCP phencyclidine or ketamine. While under the influence of the drug, which can last for as long as 6 hours, abusers risk injuring themselves and others because of the drug's effects on visual perception and cognitive processes.

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