Dating soldiers and their homecoming. 3 Common Myths About the “Perfect” Military Homecoming.

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Dating soldiers and their homecoming

I felt giddy with excitement, but at the same time, anxious and insanely overwhelmed. I remember that very first homecoming. Military homecomings are kind of a funny thing. So naturally, as soon as he sees you, he'll be like: Let's get it poppin', shall we? This is a great first start. But for some reason, no unit that has ever returned home in the history of deployments… has ever arrived home on their original return date. Then I crashed and burned. Zachary Ford By Julie Provost Homecoming, the day your spouse comes home from deployment, the day you have been waiting for, is finally here. There are so many picture perfect moments from that day. They'll take the hint and hopefully see the error of their ways. The spouse has been alone for months, and they have changed. And for those of you rolling your eyes wondering WHY we didn't get around to hitting our fitness goals? And now you have to cram losing weight into the last month before homecoming. And so goes the waiting game. Dating soldiers and their homecoming

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Dating soldiers and their homecoming

Dating soldiers and their homecoming

Dating soldiers and their homecoming

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  1. If the homecoming dates change oh, and they will you have a whole bottle of wine just for you! The kisses, the hugs, and the cute signs all make this day look like a glorious one. How you run mealtimes How you put the kids to bed at night.

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