What profession has the highest rate of divorce. 10 jobs with the highest divorce rates.

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10 Professions That May Likely Lead You To Divorce

What profession has the highest rate of divorce

Casinos attract clientele who enjoy the edgy entertainments of gambling and drinking, and such people may be more likely to engage in the equally risky pursuit of infidelity. But consider the financial tension: Telemarketers — Divorce Rate of Divorce your ball-and-chain of a job, and vow to find better on Monster. When it comes to couples that stay in it for the long haul, research shows that higher salaried professions correlate to lower divorce rates. Dealing with hours and hours of complaints over the phone can often lead to depression, social anxiety and other ailments. Approximately 15 percent Chemical technicians also experience a higher rate of divorce when compared to other job holders in the study. Switchboard Operator Switchboard operator may seem like a decidedly old-fashioned job, but these folks who direct our phone calls are still around in great enough number to register in divorce-rate censuses. Please Note: Lily Martis, Monster staff Jobs—especially toxic ones—can sometimes put strain on a marriage. The jobs where people tend to have stronger marriages make sense, too. Their role, however, tends to put a staggering strain on their marriages. And remember: All joking aside, the data reveals that some of the jobs with high divorce rates are in declining industries think switchboard operators and telephone operators or offer low pay see machine operators and tenders —two factors that can definitely affect your marriage. The career site references a Princeton study that shows enlisted women to have a higher divorce rate than enlisted men when compared to civilians. It probably says more about the person than anything else," Yau explains. What profession has the highest rate of divorce

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What profession has the highest rate of divorce

What profession has the highest rate of divorce

What profession has the highest rate of divorce

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  1. One theory is that this repetitious, alienating, and highly unstable work causes a psychological disconnect in workers that can lead to divorce.

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