Mexican girl nicknames. 160+ Spanish Nicknames For Guys and Girls (With Meanings).

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50 Spanish Baby Names for GIRLS & How To Pronounce Them

Mexican girl nicknames

Mi alma ahlmah — this translated to my soul, and it is used on someone who means a lot to you, like your partner. Torbellino torbelleenoh — it means whirlwind and is used to describe a person who does not stop moving and creates chaos around them. However, it's possible that you're bored of calling your partner "honey", or "babe", or "darling". Another name, which stresses on the need for language. No matter how old she is, your daughter will remain your baby. Loquita— A cool nickname for a crazy girl. Mamasota—It is a sexy nickname for a girlfriend meaning big mama. Someone has baby blue eyes! Pearla— For the girl who is pure and precious like a pearl. Once again the nicknames that are uncolored are Spanish nicknames for fathers while the colored nicknames are Spanish nicknames for mothers. Cerebrito thehrehbreetoh — a Spanish nickname used to describe someone who is very smart and always studies a lot. Porcelana— If you think the girl is beautiful, but weak and you are ready to care about her, then use this one for her! Aliento de dragon— Bad breath! Bibiana— For a little girl who brings joys and happiness to a family. He gave you your baby! Caracol— It is used for the girl who is lazy and slow like a snail. Querida— Simply means beloved. Mexican girl nicknames

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Mexican girl nicknames

Mexican girl nicknames

Mexican girl nicknames

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  1. Pasota pahsotah — this nickname is typically used to describe people who tend to ignore their responsibilities and always do what they feel like doing. Comemierda — For someone who talks bullshit, a fake or snob.

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