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Forced stripped gay

At one point, they force her to undress. In this extremely hostile environment, members of the LGBT community often decide not to live hidden lives — or leave the country entirely. One asks, "Where can we find a river so we can kill him? She has several bruises on her face and her right arm. In total, there are only three minutes and thirteen seconds of footage. This page is full of violent videos and hateful messages towards the LGBT community. In Mali, violence and insults make up part of daily life for transgender people as well as for the rest of the LGBT community. Several different men hurl insults at her and threaten to kill her. We have included several screengrabs of the videos, which we have blurred to conceal her identity. An excerpt from this video was posted on September 16 on the page "L. Forced stripped gay

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Forced stripped gay

Forced stripped gay

Forced stripped gay

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  1. However, there is no law to protect members of the LGBT community from violence or discrimination.

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