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More than a spanking in the woods

Adult spanking tgp

Many punishment spankings between adults stop when tears begin to flow. To really accomplish this, you need to select implements carefully. As much as they like it, you can still apply a very effective punishment that they will never want repeated. This is especially effective for those with a very high pain tolerance, especially if you have concerns if the spanking did the trick or not. It can apply to any aspect of their punishment. Knowing what they hate goes well beyond implement selection. Consider parents who spank their children which I do not recommend. A little embarrassment goes a long way as a part of a punishment. After the punishment, if the person being punished gets a phone call from a friend, it might be effective to tell the friend that they cannot come to the phone, they are grounded. The key to corner time is discomfort. We are here to guide them and help them see the error in their ways and help them to learn from their mistakes. For the most severe infractions ex. Adult spanking tgp

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Adult spanking tgp

Adult spanking tgp

Adult spanking tgp

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  1. Think out of the box in this area and find things in other parts of their lives that you know they do not like. If done properly, this will assure that they are not able to sit comfortably for several days.

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