Why does my husband lie to me about money. Financial Cheating in Marriage.

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My Partner Lies: Dealing With Lies In A Relationship

Why does my husband lie to me about money

Differences by Age Younger couples are more likely to hide details about money from each other than older ones. Also, decide how much you want to set aside each month in savings to put toward your long-term goals. You can do this by giving your partner the password to your online bank account or by using a service like Mint , which tracks financial transactions for you. Ask yourself why you can't talk to your partner about these things and why you feel you have to hide them. Then, talk about financial obligations coming up in the next couple of weeks or months and how you'll meet them — as well as about long-term money goals. An affair can also lead to financial infidelity if one partner starts contemplating divorce. Your spouse may be upset but may be willing to work with you to help you improve the situation, especially if you are honest and apologetic about what happened. What are your concerns? We may be compensated if you make a purchase via a link on this site. For that reason, we're especially concerned about the 27 percent of respondents to the Financial Shades Of Grey Quiz we posted on The Balance who incurred debts without telling their partner. You can conceal the expense temporarily, but sooner or later, your spouse is going to wonder where that money went. Or, you will identify what areas where you need need some guidance. Why does my husband lie to me about money

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Why does my husband lie to me about money

Why does my husband lie to me about money

Why does my husband lie to me about money

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  1. You realize that your spouse is spending more than the two of you can afford. Do a realistic assessment of your financial situation: Allow Some Individual Spending.

  2. Email Address There was an error. Fear Perhaps the most serious reason couples conceal money matters from each other is out of genuine fear.

  3. On the face of it, trying to avoid a fight with your partner seems like an innocuous reason for a lie. You might end up pointing the finger at each other later on when fiscal remorse sets in.

  4. Dishonesty is a problem that cuts both ways. Concealing Debt A less common, but more serious, form of financial infidelity is hiding debt from your partner.

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