Sally home and away video. You'll never believe what little Sally Fletcher from Home And Away looks like now….

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Home and Away Sally Returns Official Promo Long Version

Sally home and away video

Here's a look at some classic characters. She then joins Cassie in Phuket. He pushes Sally away, upsetting her. Sally tries to turn Rocco Cooper 's Ian Meadows life around. She does not initially believe him, but he explains that he is the "Milco" she used to imagine. However, She and Pippa reconcile before Pippa's departure. Sally becomes principal again when Brad is forced to step down. It shows Sally returning to Summer Bay and stating that she had to come back, but is afraid to tell anyone why. She also co-hosted a radio show on Nova. Sally turns up at beach one day and shocks Alf when she reveals she is back for a while. It will be a good opportunity to catch up with some old mates too! Brad proposes to Sally, but she turns him down. Kate married rugby player Stuart Webb in and on 17 August , Kate gave birth to her daughter, Mae. Sally decides she wants to find a surrogate mother and Sophie agrees to do it. Keating , but she developed Alzheimer's Disease. Her first exit from the hit was when she left for Phuket with her daughter Pippa in Sally home and away video

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Sally home and away video

Sally home and away video

Sally home and away video

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  1. Sally and Luke become distant due to work. Johnny threatens to kill Rocco if he does not get rid of Sally, so Rocco stabs her and leaves her to die. Diana and new husband Derek Wilson had been killed in a boating accident.

  2. Sally and Cassie make plans to go travelling, so Ric and Miles organise a leaving concert at the school.

  3. Johnny threatens to kill Rocco if he does not get rid of Sally, so Rocco stabs her and leaves her to die. As Sally grows, she is attracted to many boys; the first of whom is Damian Roberts Matt Doran , her foster brother.

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