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Unsurprisingly, personality is linked with media use including porn consumption and with brain characteristics. Look at it this way. So, does watching porn shrink your brain? A further problem with correlational studies is not just that the causal direction can run either way, but that an unknown or uncontrolled third factor and others could be causally involved. The second looked at patterns of brain activation when the men viewed sexual or neutral images. Still further research has shown how extraverts, and those more open to experience, are more persuaded by advertising that uses sexual imagery. By failing to follow up participants over time, the research also provides no evidence that watching porn has any effects whatsoever. They averaged four hours per week, and none of them met the criteria for Internet sex addiction according to the "Internet Sex Screening Test". The men also answered questions about how much porn they watch. Other research has documented differences in resting-state brain activity according to personality. They do so with no apparent ill consequence - screening confirmed no psychiatric, medical or neurological problems. The first scan was a simple structural brain scan. The researchers found that hours spent watching porn was negatively correlated with the amount of grey matter in a subcortical region near the front of the brain - the right striatum - that's known to be involved in the processing of reward as well as lots of other things. Past research has already shown that high sensation seekers have reduced sensitivity to high arousal pictures including nudity and gore. By failing to measure or control for personality, the results of this study are virtually meaningless. Photo porm

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Photo porm

Photo porm

Photo porm

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  1. So if they had shrunken brains we'll come onto that later , it wasn't causing them any major problems.

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