Penthouse pets wikipedia. Lista de modelos Pets do Mês da Penthouse.

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Penthouse pets wikipedia

The magazine previously sponsored cars in the Formula One circuit from the late s to the early s. I suspect she is the wrong person to link here. Merging the two lists was a major mistake. The women were not allowed to speak but they removed their coats, revealing images from a Penthouse shoot about Japanese rope bondage —among which two poses were construed by Farley to evoke dead bodies—ironed onto [their] shirts. The gallery is unnecessary and I'm removing it. In , Penthouse published adult comic book spin-off entitled Penthouse Comix featuring sexually explicit stories. Merging the two was a big mistake. This is an encyclopedia, not a blog, not a fan site and not a porno site. Caden cool Fashion photographers such as Corinne Day of The Face magazine were hired to produce images that merged sex and fashion. Penthouse pets wikipedia

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Penthouse pets wikipedia

Penthouse pets wikipedia

Penthouse pets wikipedia

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  1. CADEN Wikipedia policy on merging pages says that "if you think merging something improves the encyclopedia, you can be bold and perform the merger" and it also says that "you cannot do that without discussion is not a good argument" against merging.

  2. Furthermore the gallery section you added has got to go. In turn the plaintiffs issued a statement lauding Penthouse publisher Guccione and his magazine for their "personal and professional awards.

  3. There was article "List of Penthouse Pets of the Year" containing the information on Pets of the Year, and the article "List of Penthouse Pets of the Month" which also included information on the Pets of the year.

  4. I just wanted to point out that consensus is not always needed in order to merge articles. The new owners significantly softened the content of the magazine starting with the January issue. A different approach to restoring sales was attempted by the UK version of the magazine in

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