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Nifty erotc

True Dirty Stories Love erotica, but don't think it satisfies your voyeuristic needs? Of course, I have to put the caveat out there that for most of these websites you have to be 18 and up — so, I guess you younger folks will just have to learn about sex from old romance novels found in your basement, just like I did. Oh, it's there. Think your proclivities are a little too specific? Come for the erotic stories, but stay for the polls, The Erotic Woman is percent free, but you can donate if you're impressed by the business. They have it. This site has all the normal fetish categories that you traditionally see on an erotica website celebrity, historical, exhibitionist, et al , but focusing entirely on LGBT. The BDSM Cafe is not only a sexy archive for anything from novels to short stories, it also provides valuable research for those interested in breaking into the lifestyle. Enjoy a good historical romp? At True Dirty Stories, users submit their own sexy tales. Solve that by having all the stories be true! This is also a good site to submit to if you want to break into the game. Nifty erotc

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Nifty erotc

Nifty erotc

Nifty erotc

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  1. True Dirty Stories Love erotica, but don't think it satisfies your voyeuristic needs? Often organized by fandom and then by pairing , this is the place to go if you're the kind of person who loves to picture Gandalf gettin' down sorry for that mental image

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