Side shaved hair designs. .

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10 Different Ways To Style A Sidecut

Side shaved hair designs

Winter Frosty Undercut Hair The side swept hair is a common theme among the short undercut hairstyles, false Ladyhawks taking over with a large amount of the hair shaved off, leaving it open to be worked on. WhatsApp If you are looking for a drastic change when it comes to a new hairstyle, shaving the side of your head may be exactly what you are looking for. Romantic Moon Undercut Hair Tattoo Whether full or half, moons make a perfect tattoo idea, so why not show it off on a lovely undercut, the hair kept dark, the shave not so deep and the moon etching perfectly proportional so that it appears to be shining bright under your highlighted tresses that easily cover it up. Combining length with a side shave gives you the best of both worlds. The side shave is high on one side and trails to the back of the head giving you a badass hairstyle. The undercut hair tattoo is where the fun is at though, complete with a freestyle swirling design that is all artistic. It works best on darker hair and the combination of side and under only adds to its appeal. Add a whole lot of awesome makeup and it is the perfect clubbing look to be rocking these days. The girl has long hair and a gorgeous bang. It does not have anything special to it other than the fact that the shaved hair tattoo exudes a certain amount of confidence and presents a strength of character that might not show otherwise. Contrasting colors matched with a descending braid, this side shave is sure to be the talk of the night. Side shaved hair designs

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Side shaved hair designs

Side shaved hair designs

Side shaved hair designs

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  1. This side shave just extends to the ear but still gives the look that you are going for while allowing for you to keep the length. Key to My Mind Hair Tattoo Love the look of the Mohawk and how it frees the sides of the head for some shaved-in hair tattoos? Add a whole lot of awesome makeup and it is the perfect clubbing look to be rocking these days.

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