Matilda girl. Matilda stars look completely unrecognizable 20 years on.

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Matilda girl

The three actors actually all got along very well, with DeVito and Perlman inviting Mara over for many pool parties and events during filming. I was a very cynical teenager. Doubtfire actress has a few words of wisdom to aspiring child actors and a little warning about the real world of Hollywood. Of course, this is not the kind of fan mail any celebrity wants! I was 5, 6 years old. Of course, she did not disappoint. When Bruce steals a slice of Trunchbull's chocolate cake , he is punished by being forced to eat the entire thing in front of the whole school, which he does successfully after much cheering from his classmates. Then It All Went Downhill Matilda was a career highlight for the actress and is still one of the most famous films around. He was the poor soul forced to eat chocolate cake in front of the entire school as they cheered: Jimmy Karz: I couldn't play 10 anymore. There's a saying Matilda girl

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Matilda girl

Matilda girl

Matilda girl

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  1. And, on a pragmatic level, it helped me pay for college. Out of sympathy for Miss Honey's woes, Matilda develops a scheme in revenge against Miss Trunchbull, and in class one day she levitates a piece of chalk to the blackboard while Miss Trunchbull is visiting the room and tormenting the students, posing as the spirit of Magnus and threatening to punish Miss Trunchbull by name if she doesn't leave her inheritance to his daughter.

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