Living in fort william. Three Scots women reveal whether move from city to Highlands lived up to their dream of paradise.

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Things to do in Fort William

Living in fort william

If I should, then I suggest that it says much about the character of the natives rather than me. Before the building of the fort, Inverlochy was the main settlement in the area and was also where two battles took place- the first Battle of Inverlochy in and the second Battle of Inverlochy in What are your favourite aspects of living where you do from a leisure point of view? Siward on 05 Jun Personally, however, I'd move there like a shot When the weather is fine and options are unlimited, they really are unlimited. For me this is really important. Got an interview up to now but they seem very keen on me going up You might well end up seeing good friends more often than you would if you lived up the street from them in the hectic pace of city life passing ships. No, but they started this week on the site. It is also on the shore of Loch Eil. This has worked out wonderfully and people have made us so welcome but I would always advise careful planning — you must be realistic about income and know your business thoroughly. Just outside the town is a large aluminium plant operated by Alcan and powered by the Lochaber hydroelectric scheme , [12] in its day the biggest tunnelling project in the world. Except this - http: Living in fort william

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Living in fort william

Living in fort william

Living in fort william

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  1. We were both teachers but five years ago we got the chance to take early retirement and started to plan our future by asking ourselves where in the world we would be if we had the choice. The gang usually mix up visits to each, often car sharing for raids on the Ice Factor.

  2. Things that distract me are food, phone calls, washing dishes, research tangents and, of course, the big one - social media. Upper Achintore and the Plantation spread steeply uphill from above the high street. For the first time in my life I have felt as if I want to put roots down somewhere.

  3. But to find partners to climb with is not as tricky as the numbers of climbers might indicate.

  4. Apart from that it's a great place!! In reply to steev: The locals have a constant stream of new problems to show you and it's nice and cool for working hard.

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