If you bought apple stock in 1997. If You Purchased $100 of Apple in 2002.

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Apple stock made ordinary investors millionaires

If you bought apple stock in 1997

Therefore, investors may do well to consider buying Apple for future returns on investment. In all likelihood, it will continue to outperform in the sector. Apple stock began a steep uptrend between and Following that corrective retracement, the stock resumed an even sharper uptrend, one that lasted into the first half of The surge allowed the software company to reach that milestone ahead of e-commerce giant Amazon. Jobs followed that with the release of the iPod in and the iPhone in Buying Apple at the bottom — twice — is, well, reality for John Buckingham. Apple's stock prices as of December 12, at 1 p. He notes that from through — Apple shares ran flat. The iPhone quickly became a top-seller and revolutionized how customers use technology. As unappealing as that track record was to most investors, Buckingham also wonders how many people could honestly have bought Apple stock at low prices and watched it go skyward without selling. In , it followed up with the launch of the now famous iPhone, which revolutionized the cell phone industry. Click to enlarge. By other measures, it may be richly priced. Going forward, Apple is still a leading technology firm , despite the departure of Steve Jobs. The company's shares sold out almost immediately and generated more capital with its public offering than any other company since Ford went public in If you bought apple stock in 1997

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If you bought apple stock in 1997

If you bought apple stock in 1997

If you bought apple stock in 1997

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  1. But the effect of dividends, which would slightly enhance the value of the investment, is not reflected in this review.

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