Sexy web page backgrounds. 2018 Web Design Trends: Your Guide To Navigating 9 Hot Trends.

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Sexy web page backgrounds

Instead, it is straightforward and beautiful. Bright color palettes offer brands a way to stand out from their competitors while creating a unique and memorable visual experience. I think the fear of red in buttons is irrational as it is the context in which a red button is used that determines how user will react to it not the colour itself. Brands are taking elements of 80s fashion and design and incorporating them into their websites. Here everything from textures to the smallest graphic element is about details. In most cases, it becomes one of the key design elements and designers pay much attention to keeping it readable and scannable: I must say both of these interfaces are actually quite minimal, with the thin lines and lack of actual input field backgrounds. Loewy Design Nick Hand The portfolio of Alaska-based designer Nick Hand looks awesome with its vintage grunge background, sleek transition effects and transparent areas wrapped in dotted lines. Splendid, original illustration is the very spice that makes this site look awesome. Personalization of User Experience This year we can see the strong movement to more sophisticated and deep personalization of user experience. Example of 80s-influenced patterns available for purchase from Creative Market. Sexy web page backgrounds

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Sexy web page backgrounds

Sexy web page backgrounds

Sexy web page backgrounds

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  1. Nouincolor Style, laconism, individuality. Its user interface features the creative experiment:

  2. I believe this is done quite well. Clean layouts and bold typography Bright colors, wild geometry, and lots of wavy and straight lines everywhere:

  3. Once more in the spirit of iOS7, this log in screen and accompanying interface, embrace blurry but colourful background and keep things pretty damn simple. I do hope you check them out and learn from them for your next log in design execution. In many cases, this works to the advantage of brands:

  4. Cartoon Network Studios is a great example of the big and bold Memphis design look. Imaginaria Creative Beautiful textures, large typography in the backgrounds, warm colors and smooth transparency result in an exquisite website design.

  5. In many cases, this works to the advantage of brands: This shot is definitely one of my favorites from this collection as it is so simple and clean but not boring. There is no navigation to distract you; there is no side content to annoy you either.

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