Secret jamba juice smoothies. Fruity Pebbles from Jamba Juice Secret Menu (Slideshow).

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DIY JAMBA JUICE - 4 EASY Smoothie Recipes!

Secret jamba juice smoothies

Order it next time you want a smoothie with all the fruits. Enjoy some peaches teaching strawberries how to surf on an ocean of lemonade next to beaches made of lime sherbet. Why confine yourself to Jamba Juice's regular menu when there's such a variety of fruity and chocolate-y secret menu options? Berry Lime Sublime The combination of strawberry and lime in this smoothie makes it reminiscent of a margarita. How to order: These bananas came to party and they brought all of their friends. But they also have some one of a kind smoothies like the Orange Dream Machine Smoothie, Raspberry Refresher Smoothie, and the Tropical Tango Smoothie that are sure to send your taste buds on a wild ride! So don't be afraid to spend a little time unlocking the secrets to these delicious secret menu smoothies that are available at most Jamba Juices, as long as you know the secret recipe! Gigantic sunbrella and tiki bar not included. The cream always rises to the top, and that's what we are left with here on HackTheMenu. Instead of having it in a sandwich, order this smoothie combining soy milk, frozen yogurt, strawberries, and blueberries. Pink Starburst You can be totally sure that you only get your favorite Starburst flavor when you order this smoothie. At HackTheMenu, you can learn how to order your favorite Jamba Juice Smoothies and read up on the secret recipes all in one place. Secret jamba juice smoothies

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Secret jamba juice smoothies

Secret jamba juice smoothies

Secret jamba juice smoothies

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  1. Originally, these secret menu items were created by customers, employees, and those that dreamed big enough to create their own drinks.

  2. These bananas came to party and they brought all of their friends. There's no real peanut butter, but the creamy frozen yogurt mimics the flavor. If you like the idea of a creamy passionfruit, banana, and mango concoction, this will be your new go-to Jamba Juice order.

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