Drugged and diapered. Drugged and diapered by landlady.

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Drugged and diapered

Now it was time to move her new baby to his nursery. Doreen had gone to her room. Doreen opened her handbag and removed a packet of tissues. Doreen felt my spunk hit the tissues "Good boy, good boy" she looked into my eyes "now then its time for another little nap sweetie" she said. She knelt next to me. It was not long after the rumble that I begun to uncontrollably fill the diaper. Thirty seconds later a female opened the door. Again tears streamed down my face, what was in store for me next? I was scared, I didn't know this woman, no-one knew that I was here and I was unable to move a muscle. She was so excited that the moment had finally come for her to become a mommy. I turned my head as Doreen entered. As Doreen removed the gag in my mouth she said "the foam I have just put on you will remove your pubic hair. Drugged and diapered

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Drugged and diapered

Drugged and diapered

Drugged and diapered

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  1. I shook my head as I started to regain my movement. DailyDiapers is presented in part by our proud sponsors: I had no choice but to breathe the chloroform.

  2. She returned with a bowl of warm soapy water and flannel. Doreen had fitted CCTV into the nursery so that she could watch her baby from the comfort of her bedroom.

  3. I was becoming so excited now and could hold on no longer as I took another breath I came into my tissue filled diaper. Doreen noticed the tears streaming down my face "Don't cry honey" she said as she took some tissues from the pile and dried my eyes. She then took some tissues from the box beside her bed and dried herself before turning the television off and going to sleep herself.

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