Best highlight colors for light brown hair. 50 Ideas for Light Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights.

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Best highlight colors for light brown hair

However, you may also opt for more contrasting bolder solutions. You can let the hair air dry with some smoothing serum or blow dry with a styling cream. The darker hair underneath with the blond on top makes for a sassy look. This light brown hair is full of volume with extra pops of brightness. I love how natural it looks. Super light golden blonde highlights create a stunning contrast with deep brown hair and make for a gorgeous hair transformation. It's also beautiful to add rich caramel highlights throughout the hair under the crown and hairline. I recommend appointments every months to maintain the color, with glazes and root retouches for grey, if necessary, in between. Straighten out your hair to showcase the seamless blending of the warm tones in all its glory. My favorite part of this look is the balayage highlights that complement this clients skin tone and it just gave her the pick-me-up that she needed. Source 9: Best highlight colors for light brown hair

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Best highlight colors for light brown hair

Best highlight colors for light brown hair

Best highlight colors for light brown hair

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  1. Pass on a style with a lot of texture, like layers, to keep the haircut from feeling too busy. Multi-Toned Bob with Lowlights Partial highlights are typically placed through the top layer of the hair off the part, so that they fall over the rest of the hair.

  2. You only have to go a couple shades lighter, and that is more than enough to make an impact. A good thing to remember is the darker the starting hair color, the warmer the blonde will be.

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