How to paint your toms. How To Paint Shoes.

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Disney DIY - Lady and the Tramp Custom Painted Shoes - Painting TIPS on Lighting

How to paint your toms

Of course, you can use this tutorial to paint whatever you like on your canvas shoes!! I left the hard toe shaped inserts that came in the shoes in place for the painting. I simply outlined the red part of the bottom of the Mickey and the bow on Minnie. Allow to dry completely. I will say that I think they turned out so easy and cute for me is directly related to the fact that my pattern was so simple. If you are like me, you might also need a pattern to go by. I tested all of them on different shoes and each one worked. Black backgrounds make the images stand out nicely when you leave portions unpainted see image above. It is pretty clear, so you will want to use a solid base coat if you decide to do the glitter. Canvas shoes. Follow the product instructions. Metallic markers are not recommended because they run when Scotch Guard is applied. Synthetic paint brushes suitable for acrylic paint. How to paint your toms

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How to paint your toms

How to paint your toms

How to paint your toms

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  1. You can find all of these products at home improvement stores: Use marking pens to outline your designs and add details.

  2. Allow to dry completely usually takes an hour. Before You Start Try your design on paper first to be sure you like it , then draw it on the shoes using an HB pencil.

  3. You will want to do THREE coats of each color, letting each coat dry completely before starting the next.

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