Ammonia odor vagina. Why does my urine smell like ammonia?.

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Natural remedies to get rid of ammonia smell from urine

Ammonia odor vagina

You can actually smell your pee. Pregnancy Pregnancy can sometimes cause ammonia-smelling urine. There are times, however, where ammonia-smelling urine indicates a health problem. Sweat is not a sweet-smelling scent, um, ever. This is usually due to vaginal dryness or vigorous sex that can cause small cuts or scrapes. What's not normal is when the scents you're accustomed to start to change. While most vaginal odors are caused by bacteria, sometimes your urine can also affect the smell. Ammonia, which is toxic, is a result of this process. So if you get a big whiff of sweet-smelling urine without even trying — and it's accompanied by pain when you pee — schedule a gyno visit. UTIs can cause serious pregnancy complications, including premature labor, low birth weight, and sepsis infections. The truth is, your vagina is home to billions of bacteria. However, following some lifestyle tips may help reduce the likelihood, severity, and duration of the smell. But, Dr. Light bleeding after sex can be common. It doesn't paint a pretty picture, but it can happen, and it may mean that a foreign object like a tampon , female condom or diaphragm has been left in your vagina, Sullivan says. Ammonia odor vagina

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Ammonia odor vagina

Ammonia odor vagina

Ammonia odor vagina

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  1. A vagina that smells like ammonia is rarely a sign of a STI. Urine is the body's liquid waste. Rarely, it signifies a more serious problem.

  2. If you eat a new food that causes your urine to smell different, you might notice the smell lingering due to dried urine around your vagina or in your underwear.

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