Silent hill fancy dress. Womens Silent Hill Zombie Nurse Costume Halloween Fancy Dress Ladies Outfit.

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Silent Hill Nurse Cosplay Part 2

Silent hill fancy dress

Using the slit cut a triangle shape hole at the back; make it small at the beginning, then try to get it on. I just drew on to them once they were on, then dripped fake blood down myself. You also smell really nice XD. Oh the amounts are about what I used but add more or take some away to your own liking, but cinnamon is brilliant at the old blood look. Cut them out carefully using a craft knife. Treat it like you have the other bandages dye and splatter. To make it curve just make two slits down two sides and glue back into place once curved. You'll have a creepy balloon shape lol, the first step is to fit it on to your face, you'll have a small hole at the bottom where you didn't paper Mache at the beginning. Now paste over in the same direction as the bandages already on the mask. The veins are blue eyeliner and black eyeliner. I did the same to my shoes they were an old pair of plimsolls that were muddy so I teaed, coffeed, and fake blooded them. I used the same mixture I used on my dress Ingredients at bottom as well as fake blood and red food colouring mixed with corn starch and water. The last parts are finishing touches such as the gloves, these are just normal plastic disposable gloves treated as the other fabrics but as an extra paint was splashed on these to make the look last longer. Once done cut a slit at what you decide is the back. Next the holes for the eyes mouth and nose. Silent hill fancy dress

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Silent hill fancy dress

Silent hill fancy dress

Silent hill fancy dress

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  1. Leave a small round section at the bottom by the tie uncovered for later. Any more and you won't be able to see out of it. Next the holes for the eyes mouth and nose.

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