Home remedies for bloodshot eyes. Why Eye Redness Happens and How to Treat It.

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How to Get Rid of Red Eyes

Home remedies for bloodshot eyes

It is caused by pressure building up inside the eye. Conventional remedies call for keeping the eyelids clean and using a warm compress. A weak solution of tea may also be used as an eyewash. It works! Using cold water can help and so can cold compresses. About the Author: They can help you pinpoint the problem. This generally clears up in two weeks without any treatment. For the best and safest way to get rid of red eyes, see your eye doctor to determine the cause of your bloodshot eyes and receive the most effective treatment options. Chilled Spoons Place four metal spoons in a glass of ice water. Read now Other causes and treatments Other common conditions may cause red eyes. Beyond Home Remedies: Eyecups can be a source of infection, so use only the disposable kind. Home remedies for bloodshot eyes

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Home remedies for bloodshot eyes

Home remedies for bloodshot eyes

Home remedies for bloodshot eyes

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  1. The eyes can look gross, with pink or red streaks in the sclera, which is usually white. A warm compress can be applied three to four times a day for a week. What will happen if pink eye is left untreated?

  2. It will help moisten the eyes. Home Remedies for Bloodshot Eyes Wash your face and eyelids.

  3. Witch Hazel American Indians used witch hazel for inflammation. Add two drops of artificial tears twice a day. Continue Reading 4.

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