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Arianna - Sexy People (The Fiat Song)(Audio) ft. Pitbull

Sexy people youtube

The lesson seems to be that the easiest way to get moderately famous with no discernible talent is to eat a banana while a camera rolls. At the end, it offers everyone an opportunity to download an extended version where I can only assume we also get to see her cut the rest of the banana into wheels and seductively feed them to an infant. I aim to fix that. They showcase most of their skills on an ottoman but then move on to the more technical wall boning, door slaying, and mirror tapping. Then, in case anyone missed him, another child bolts into frame to share in the awkwardness. Right around the time the shot opens on a flour-caked loaf of something this video heads in the wrong direction of sexuality, and then stubbornly insists on continuing down the same path for another two minutes and twenty seconds. The excitement of showing off their packages has made them all lose sight of the ultimate goal: I imagine most viewers are generally worried for her health because any gel in a tube like that has a way of coating the outside of the bottle and it's probably not intended for ingestion. Steve Rooster knows women. How can a woman who shows such focused consideration toward her own appearance not find an object a little more phallic and a little less toxic to fellate? Watching this video is, at best, nerve racking. This woman demonstrates a firm understanding in the male attraction to visual stimuli. He strips a little, then runs out of things to take off and makes some halfhearted pulls at his his skin and face. Sexy people youtube

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Sexy people youtube

Sexy people youtube

Sexy people youtube

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  1. Even in the video you can watch the enthusiasm disintegrate; at the half way point they give up on the pretense that there might be a woman there and just start wander-thrusting in and out of frame.

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