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Breast massage to make bigger

Start with five minutes of massage. The result should follow in about two to three weeks. Avoid junk food, refined sugar, alcohol and carbonated drinks, all together It is advisable that you take up the services of a dietician or nutritionist for making a customised food chart to suit your needs and timings. Get a bra with a shorter strap but a larger cup than you usually do. The right makeup can make your breasts appear larger in a matter of minutes. First apply the oil, paste or lotion you are using, on your breasts. Apply some massage oil or breast cream on your breasts. But these artificial ways can prove to be quite costly and harmful to your general health. Start rubbing each breast with a circular motion. But be cautious, as to consume these foods in a limited form, do not go overboard. The best results are reached by women who spend at least 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening performing the procedure. The best results are reached if you massage your breasts for more than 10 minutes. Massage must be done at least two times a day Try not to skip more than one session. Using them while doing a massage is your best bet. If possible, do the massage using massage oil or breast cream right after your shower. Mix tea tree oil and lavender oil in equal quantities and apply to your breast for about 10 minutes. Breast massage to make bigger

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Breast massage to make bigger

Breast massage to make bigger

Breast massage to make bigger

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  1. Visually Increase Your Breast Size While you are waiting for the massage to start working, you can use a few simple tricks to make your breasts appear bigger. Push ups. Omega 3 fatty acids also aid in breast enlargement, without affecting your overall weight.

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