Why do women cry after an orgasm. Here's Why You Sometimes Cry After Sex.

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Why do women cry after an orgasm

Thus, the strongest emotion you're experiencing under the surface is now free to be expressed. In studies, post-coital dysphoria hasn't been linked to relationship dissatisfaction, so your tears may just be random expulsions in reaction to sex or orgasm. Not every orgasm is as pretty as the pornos make it seem. Read more: That said, there are times where tears after sex might have more meaning behind them, Dr. Who can say? Having said all that, it is also not out of the question for a year-old woman to experience some hormonal fluctuations at orgasm, with the release of the hormone oxytocin contributing to the crying jag. See, since sex is an emotionally frought territory, no matter how you approach your love life, the mere act of intercourse tends to affect the way you see yourself, for better or worse. Tudor, crying after sex is a totally natural reaction and not necessarily cause for concern. Or you might simply feel a lot of love for your partner in that moment. Tudor says, don't be afraid to seek support from a professional. The crygasm. There's so much happening in your mind and body during orgasm that it's not really shocking to experience a big emotional release like this. Why do women cry after an orgasm

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Why do women cry after an orgasm

Why do women cry after an orgasm

Why do women cry after an orgasm

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