What is a hyna. How to explain the word "Hyna".

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What is a hyna

American Museum of Natural History The descendants of Plioviverrops reached their peak 15 million years ago, with more than 30 species having been identified. Spotted hyena populations began to shrink after roughly 20, years ago, completely disappearing from Western Europe between 11 and 14 thousand years ago, and earlier in some areas. Origins[ edit ] Hyenas originated in the jungles of Miocene Eurasia 22 million years ago, when most early feliform species were still largely arboreal. Spotted hyenas, under these circumstances, would have been outcompeted by wolves and humans , who were as much at home in forests as in open lands—and in highlands as in lowlands. Furthermore, the living brown hyena and its closest extinct relatives are not included in the genus Pachycrocuta, but in the genus Hyaena. The bone-crushing hyenas survived the changes in climate and the arrival of canids, which wiped out the dog-like hyenas, though they never crossed into North America, as their niche there had already been taken by the dog subfamily Borophaginae. The first ancestral hyenas were likely similar to the modern banded palm civet ; one of the earliest hyena species described, Plioviverrops , was a lithe, civet-like animal that inhabited Eurasia 20—22 million years ago, and is identifiable as a hyaenid by the structure of the middle ear and dentition. The Protelinae aardwolves are not treated as a separate subfamily, but included in the Hyaeninae. Its unrivaled ability to digest the terpene excretions from soldier termites is likely a modification of the strong digestive system its ancestors used to digest fetid carrion. The dog-like hyenas were very numerous; in some Miocene fossil sites, the remains of Ictitherium and other dog-like hyenas outnumber those of all other carnivores combined. The lineage of Plioviverrops prospered, and gave rise to descendants with longer legs and more pointed jaws, a direction similar to that taken by canids in North America. One species, Chasmaporthetes ossifragus , managed to cross the land bridge into North America, being the only hyena to do so. Unlike most modern hyena species, which are specialised bone-crushers, these dog-like hyenas were nimble-bodied, wolfish animals; one species among them was Ictitherium viverrinum, which was similar to a jackal. What is a hyna

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What is a hyna

What is a hyna

What is a hyna

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  1. Striped hyena fossils are common in Africa, with records going back as far as the Middle Pleistocene and even to the Villafranchian. The decline of the dog-like hyenas began 5—7 million years ago during a period of climate change, which was exacerbated when canids crossed the Bering land bridge to Eurasia. As fossil striped hyenas are absent from the Mediterranean region, it is likely that the species is a relatively late invader to Eurasia, having likely spread outside Africa only after the extinction of spotted hyenas in Asia at the end of the Ice Age.

  2. The aardwolf Proteles cristata can trace its lineage directly back to Plioviverrops 15 million years ago, and is the only survivor of the dog-like hyena lineage.

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