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Sam & Lilly Share Why You Should Take the Jeopardy! Online Test - JEOPARDY!

Jeopardy online test questions

Website, the online test will be offered at 5 p. Since potential contestants had no idea what the target score was for that day, they had no idea whether it would be a good thing to deliberately score lower than they were capable of scoring. But you can sharpen your wits or refresh your memory about the works of Shakespeare or world geography. Sony Pictures Television Sign up and get registered: Otherwise, you'll have to wait till next year. Take the test. For 14 years, ever since I was first eligible to take the test, I've been taking that test. Upon arriving, contestant applicants are asked to fill out information sheets with their contact information, eligibility information, and availability, and are asked to provide five anecdotes that may be used during the contestant interview portion of the show a form is emailed in advance. When these high scorers, competing against each other day after day, eventually produced an undefeated champion, the contestant pool was "reset" back to scorers who barely passed with the minimum score. During the mock game, coordinators sometimes open up triple stumper questions to the other potential contestants. The 2-week Atlantic City auditions were held annually in February while the show was owned by Griffin, [5] and the question screener is still in use at traveling open auditions. Go to the Jeopardy! But the online test The makeup of the test was 15 academic questions, 10 lifestyle, 15 pop culture and 10 wordplay. I go to trivia nights, and usually do exceedingly well. Jeopardy online test questions

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Jeopardy online test questions

Jeopardy online test questions

Jeopardy online test questions

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  1. Unlike on the show, test takers are instructed not to respond in the form of a question. Brain Bus[ edit ] The Jeopardy!

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