1 year anniversary ideas for wife. 21 Best One Year Anniversary Gifts: The Ultimate List.

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Ideas for Celebrating an Anniversary

1 year anniversary ideas for wife

Here are five of our favorite 1-year anniversary gifts for them. This set comes packaged in a paper cardboard container. You can gift your guy a simple, gold-accented bracelet—this one happens to be mixed with titanium. Indiebound can point you to the best independent bookstores in your area. It's the first anniversary gift that keeps on giving—and inspiring. Celebrate Your Place Find an antique map of the city where you met. Plan a special weekend away from home as a surprise for your partner. We also love the single red rose—an especially apt first anniversary gift if you're married to a Beauty and the Beast fan. Take a second honeymoon or just a weekend trip. Want to put more heart and a little less money into it? A gift certificate to their favorite shop Pick up a gift certificate to the favorite shop they love to frequent. Give the boring bedroom a rest and try out somewhere a little more unusual to bring some excitement to your special day. 1 year anniversary ideas for wife

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1 year anniversary ideas for wife

1 year anniversary ideas for wife

1 year anniversary ideas for wife

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  1. The days of tacky photo albums are long gone. Instead of searching for the perfect gift, let your husband or wife find exactly what they want for them self. Sign Up 1.

  2. Either choice is a funny gift that will get some great laughs from your husband or wife.

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