Dorloo. Dorloo, New York.

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He had to replace the ceiling in what used to be the Sunday school room and remove a few pews so there would be more room to walk. Storto, frequently called the last glove maker in Gloversville, knows first-hand how rare the art is becoming. He spent much of his early career in Los Angeles, New York City and Antwerp, Belgium, designing everything from swimwear to accessories, with a focus and passion for designing gloves. Created in the s while he was working as a designer in Los Angeles, the gauntlet-style gloves are both bold and heavy with commandments sewn on each. Thursdays - Sundays from now until Nov. With calloused but careful hands, Storto continues to design gloves for his own shop, magazines, celebrities, and others. Open Noon to 6 p. He plans to teach glove making classes next summer. But after talking with town officials in Seward, it turned out they were interested in, of all things, a museum. When he first purchased the church over a year ago, he was mostly looking for another space to create. Upon entering, visitors can step into a workspace that clearly combines the new with the old. The Glove Museum presents history without getting stuck in it and hints at how the art of glove making is moving forward without forgetting its aesthetic roots. Storto kept as many elements from the church, which was built in , as he could, including the stained glass windows and the church bell. He also replaced the pew Bibles with bibles of a different sort: There is no cost of admission. Dorloo

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  1. Storto created a studio through time, piling in glove-making tools from factories around Gloversville and the greater Capital Region, along with a pique machine that was once used to add detailing to the gloves, and pairs upon pairs of vintage gloves from all around the world.

  2. At first glance, it seems like these mysterious black pieces of fabric are cascading down to several pairs of bright white long-toed -- known as poulaine -- shoes on the ground. But Storto hopes that others will also get involved.

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