Zip code middletown de. City of Middletown, DE Zip Codes.

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Zip code middletown de

Violent crime is high and summers can be uncomfortably warm and humid. As a result of the rapid growth of the area, Middletown established its own police force, The Middletown Police Department, on July 2, The racial makeup of the town was Some towns off of the line, like West Chester and areas south towards the Delaware border are very livable with considerable local and nearby employment, excellent schools and family amenities. Snowfall is more abundant in the northern suburbs, while precipitation may arrive as rain rather than snow within the city. Between and , the population of the town grew Precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, with maximum amounts in late summer as thunderstorms. To the north, the suburbs of Hatboro, Warminster, and Doylestown along former Reading Railroad lines offer good residential values as well. Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods. The Police Department officially began on October 3, with a foundation of 20 officers from surrounding Delaware police departments. Transportation[ edit ] The Delaware Route 1 toll road is east of Middletown, and the town has a signed exit at Odessa for Delaware Route The downtown area is in a broad, flat valley. This growth is more characteristic of suburban sprawl, a stark difference from Middletown's historic growth patterns. For every females, there were About 8. Zip code middletown de

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Zip code middletown de

Zip code middletown de

Zip code middletown de

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  1. Transportation services, both within the metro area and between Philly and other places, are generally excellent; the Philadelphia International Airport is less crowded than most and served well by discount carriers.

  2. The larger Wilmington Airport is in New Castle , and the nearest airport with commercial air service is the Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods.

  3. Rolling, hilly countryside stretches to the north and west. To the north, the suburbs of Hatboro, Warminster, and Doylestown along former Reading Railroad lines offer good residential values as well.

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