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Laughing mirror gag gift

Better than banging your head off the nearest brick wall, this irreverent arty-fact is full of humorous pictures to be colored in, while you de-stress and feel the sisterhood on every single page. This flip book offers a veritable feast of foul-mouthed phrases which far surpass any common or garden variety of expletives, and will leave co-workers and bad drivers stunned at your varied vitriolic vocabulary. Perfect for game night, or as a gag gift for anyone who loves their victuals. This superb and fun tutorial shows you how to create your own personalized magnets, featuring the face or faces of people you know — a family, a group of friends, or work colleagues — and make them interchangeable with each other for a cute DIY gag gift. Give somebody the means to vent their spleen without causing offence, and reach their inner Zen at the same time. Just take one jar, fill it with their favorite candy, print out and attach the label, and they can have a whole jar of chill pills on hand to take as required. Featuring 21 funny tales for game night with friends. Tired of putting your Bigfoot in it when it comes to buying prezzies? If so, this is the perfect mug for her. Gorgeous and working — you lucky man! The stemless wine glass holds 15 oz, and is etched with an adorable kitty face, making an irreverent gesture to anyone who dares question whether it is wine o clock yet. Laughing mirror gag gift

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Laughing mirror gag gift

Laughing mirror gag gift

Laughing mirror gag gift

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  1. Diy Chill Pills Gift Although this gag gift is billed for teachers, it would make a great offering for anyone who deals with stress in the workplace.

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