How to find my aura color. Do You Know What Your Aura Looks Like? Here’s How To Find Out!.

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How to See an Aura: Learn to See the Human Aura in 5 Minutes

How to find my aura color

It will answer the question, "What color is my aura? If you have an eastern exposure, try early morning. Distinguishing Individual Aura Colors It is very beneficial to understand what each color means and how it indicates your current state of mind, emotional status, physical well-being and spiritual progress. Do you love reading your daily horoscope, checking out astrology charts, and taking astrology quizzes? Do they invite you in to feel loved and cherished or rather drain you of your own energy? How do you find out what your aura color is? When you become familiar with the vibrations of colors it is easier to notice them in others. I am a clairsentient, which means I can sense things much better than I can see them clairvoyant. Next time you are with a friend, pay attention to how you feel in their presence. There are many ways to physically capture the aura with diagnostic accuracy, but in the absence of cool technology you can easily learn to sense these fields for yourself. While auras don't necessarily hold the key to the universe, they can say a lot about your current state of mind, as well as your purest essence as a human being. For example: For instance, if someone carries red around their chest, it may indicate a frustrated heart while white around the crown will portray an advanced soul. Loved ones may appear to simply say hello. How to find my aura color

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How to find my aura color

How to find my aura color

How to find my aura color

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  1. That indicates a person whose aura changes quite frequently. This is an easy, accessible way for beginners to sense the aura. Focus your attention between the palms and see if you can sense a color to these threads of energy.

  2. This color represents the crown chakra. This person may be going through a period of grief or loss, and pulling on the auras and energies of the people nearby.

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