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The Friars used his building during the building of the Mission until there was a suitable place to live in at the Mission. We've been offered money for our works in the past and we've said no each time, regardless of how life changing it would be for us, because these paintings deserve to be seen by the loyal fans who helped make my grandfather one of the most popular artists of our time. This secured the Valley's growth. During the 's, a new organization, the Los Angeles Farm and Milling Company, succeeded the Homestead Association, and the Tarzana area, together with the rest of the Valley, became a huge wheat field. Anything found on other websites with the Frazetta Jr Enterprises logo or stated that the item was done with the museum or Frank Jr also gives us a kickback, but no other Frazetta websites do. John Coleman Burroughs Grandkids: This paved the way for the Tarzana of today. This secured the Valley's growth. Thank you all for your continued support, and please, if you see posts about this, spread the word that it isn't being sold by the museum. Its contents should always relate in some way to Edgar Rice Burroughs. Rindge was not a later member of the Suburban Homes Syndicate. This was known as the Tarzana Tract. Although anyone may subscribe to the list, it will be of most interest to serious Burroughs enthusiasts. Main stockholders in the association were Isaac Lankershim and I. Erbzine

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  1. A promotional brochure of the era said of Tarzana Tract: Otis received the initial selection, or they decided to allow the head honcho to have his pick, and purchased the acres. Rindge was not a later member of the Suburban Homes Syndicate.

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