How to read someones aura. .

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How to See Auras

How to read someones aura

We are energy. Plants, animals, people, and even buildings all radiate distinct colors which reveal more than our words can. Slowly spread your fingers apart. When you start seeing your aura or any energies, note what you see. Notice those objects just outside of your direct sight to further develop your periphery vision. How can we begin to read these subtle fields then to learn to see more than what is being given to us? If you do happen to see auras without consciously focusing on it, then, treat what you see with highest respect for the person. Join our community of seekers, dreamers, and doers to empower your own evolution. With time and practice, you will begin to see and outline around your hand and around your fingers. In terms of psychic ability, this is called clairsentience, the ability to feel and perceive beyond the material realm. Provides an ad-free experience, no exceptions! Large blocks of color or human-shaped colors most often reveal the presence of guides. To expand your sight, go into a neutral colored room and play with brightly colored objects. Continue with your eyes closed. Breathe normally while practicing this soft-focus vision. How to read someones aura

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How to read someones aura

How to read someones aura

How to read someones aura

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  1. Hold this soft gaze for 30 seconds and you will begin to see energy field surrounding your hand.

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