Ties to go with navy suit. Shirt and Tie Combinations with a Navy Suit.

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Ties to go with navy suit

Pretty much any shirt colour will work with a blue suit. For example, white, beige, lighter shades of blue. Your seasonal special. The look is relaxed so the shoes don't have to be as formal. If you wear a striped shirt, you should not match it with a checked suit. If you're wearing a striped shirt , you should choose the primary color of it and the suit or blazer should evoke this color. What Color Tie to wear with a Blue Suit? Either way, both are casual and are great options to spice up the navy suit. Navy Suit Creative Look Navy blue provides the perfect canvas to showcase a creative vibe. Look forward to a black suede cap-toe for a tonal match, which will add some texture to your outfit too! This is the safest bet because the pattern of the shirt is so bold. Add some magic to your overall appearance by placing a pocket square. Ties to go with navy suit

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Ties to go with navy suit

Ties to go with navy suit

Ties to go with navy suit

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  1. Dark blue suit combinations have been around for quite some time now! If you decide to wear a tie with a floral shirt, it must be solid.

  2. You can wear the collar unbuttoned or buttoned all the way up. So many questions. Since this is rather contemporary, the shoes can follow suit pun intended.

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