Skull theory girl. Can 'Skull Theory' Reveal Sex of an Unborn Baby?.

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Boy or Girl?? Ultrasound performed Live on 'The Doctors'

Skull theory girl

Let us and other mums know your findings in the comments below! And there are grey areas. Skull theory signs that it's a boy. Many pregnant posters put up scans from before the week appointment when sex is usually determined. And so, early scans become a source of scrutiny. You'd Also Like. More commonly known as the cheekbone, this tends to be more pronounced on the skull of a male. Cheekbones are more pronounced on a male skull than a female one 5. Add to this the fact that skulls actually vary greatly between different racial groups too, as well as between the sexes — and the substance falls away from the argument pretty much altogether. The teeth J of males tend to be larger. Skull theory girl

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Skull theory girl

Skull theory girl

Skull theory girl

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  1. The male skull has a square jawbone: Cheekbones are more pronounced on a male skull than a female one 5.

  2. Take a look at the image below, you'll see the letters A—J relate to the image on the left-hand side for males, whereas the right-hand image relates to females. What do our mums say?

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