Sikh girlfriend. .

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Sikh girlfriend

Keep faith and Waheguru will arrange all your affairs for you, including finding a marriage partner. Our parents know us much better than we know ourselves! The issue is about showing respect and not viewing others in a wrong manner. If all parties agree and consent, then things progress. Prevention is better than falling off the cliff i. Before a couple get married they need to analyse all the reasons why it is a good match. However, leave this all to your parents. Of course we will shudder to agree with this statement though. Also, once one does step into the world of dating, i think its something that the parents should be fully aware of. The main thing is that I think there should be a middle person involved as a mediator. Friendship with the opposite gender is not prohibited. The match-maker could be a friend, family member, member of local Sangat, or an elder Gursikh. It all depends on whether the girl and boy as well as both parties get on and feel they are suitable matches. Sometimes parents talk on the phone before meeting. A householders life Gristhee Jeevan is a very big thing and was encouraged by our Gurus. Sikh girlfriend

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Sikh girlfriend

Sikh girlfriend

Sikh girlfriend

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  1. Perhaps, we see no shame in these things, it is the age of Kal darkness we are standing on one leg.

  2. You are bored and need to give your soul more attention. During this time the couple may have an argument, misunderstanding or drift apart. As far as someone using their "God-gifted" brain to answer this question, I agree.

  3. Read the lives of Gursikhs from the olden days, none had a love marriage. A bachola match-matcher who knows both parties matches the gunn virtues of the two individuals. Love is something which can grow from a relationship.

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