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Gunstock webcam

Crown bears all costs of maintaining the access road to the site and the electric lines that supply power to the tower. Just glide through the beautiful winter landscape and enjoy this peaceful spot. According to Crown, the company plans to replace the existing tower with a new tower that will be more efficient and eliminate other on-site utilities, such as a smaller tower next to the large one and a portable device currently on the same grounds. The proposal for the tower replacement is subject to approval by the Gilford Planning Board, along with special exceptions and variances from the zoning board of adjustment and permits from the Federal Communications Commission. A list of tasks will be posted on a whiteboard in the clubhouse on Saturday. The project is expected to begin as soon as approvals from the town of Gilford and the FCC are attained. The trails are also open for snowshoeing. Gunstock Ski Area features 58 sunny days on average per season. The locker numbers have been installed. It offers a variety of features including rails, jumps and boxes. Unfortunately, there is no webcam available yet! In February , the Gunstock Area Commission entered in the original lease agreement with New Hampshire RSA 2 Partnership, now owned by Crown, and erected a foot cellular tower with the associated equipment on Gunstock property. The tower also will have a webcam for Gunstock that will be available to view online year-round. Gunstock has its own two-way radio repeaters mounted on the tower as well. Gunstock webcam

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Gunstock webcam

Gunstock webcam

Gunstock webcam

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  1. Working 2 Francis Piche positions earns 3 dibs credits. Besides skiing and snowboarding you can take lessons in Telemark and Cross-Country Skiing. If we are able to run the race, we'll setup a separate dibs session for sign up.

  2. All tenants are responsible for covering electrical and maintenance costs. Each team has 5 members substitutions allowed. The race is not officially canceled; however, it seem likely it will be.

  3. The trails are also open for snowshoeing. Sorry, we are not adding valet parking to the clubhouse Trim work upstairs is in progress

  4. It also looks like cleaning the floor will be a challenge until we get a bit more snow. Ginstock Ski Area offers a great Cross-Country trail systems that totals 50 km. Clubhouse Renovation.

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