Random questions for girls. 150+ Random Questions To Ask A Guy or Girl.

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15 Funny Questions To Ask a Girl and Make Her Laugh

Random questions for girls

What makes you bored? Who do you find most beautiful among my friends? Have you ever broken a rule? What are you excessively obsessive-compulsive about? If you inherited a private jet from a stranger, what would you do with it? Why did you break up with her? What website or app has completely changed your life for better or for worse? If you won a million dollars in a lottery, what would you do with it? What is your favourite sporting activity? Here are 10 random questions to ask a girl to get to know her: Do you yell at people often? When was the last time you cried? If you had a day off next week and plenty of cash, what would you do? Fly swatters? Random questions for girls

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Random questions for girls

Random questions for girls

Random questions for girls

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  1. Does the truth hurt… or does it set us free? Who was your first celebrity crush? Which is your dream car?

  2. Then do not hesitate, just go ahead. Do you think it's okay to lie in certain circumstances? What is the one makeup item that can pull up your look from 0 to ?

  3. Would you ever consider putting your parents in an old age home? What do you love about yourself? Here is a list of best random questions you can ever ask someone.

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