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NEED YOU NOW (How Many Times) by Plumb (official lyric video)


Directed by documentary filmmaker Debra Granik and starring the regularly-excellent Ben Foster and the stunning young newcomer Thomasin McKenzie, this is a film about those of us who take the path less travelled. Infinity War Warning: A Quiet Place Warning: Daniel Kaluuya was outstanding as mob enforcer Jatemme Manning. Third party videos may contain adverts Bradley Cooper: So as I always say, here are my favourite films of Widows 7. Watch it. Regret nothing. Third party videos may contain adverts. To say much more would be to give too much away, but this is a heartfelt, emotional story that will move you. A Star Is Born 9. Blackkklansman Warning: Third party videos may contain adverts and some violent scenes How on earth did Marvel pull it off? Trailer contains some disturbing scenes. Infinity War 3. Foster and McKenzie play a war veteran and his daughter who live in the woods outside of Portland, Oregon, eking out a life in the wilderness as they avoid the numbing, noisy, meaningless repetition of modern life. Plumbbest

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  1. There are three scenes in Widows that all are all about him that I will never ever forget.

  2. Wakanda forever, by the way. Daniel Kaluuya was outstanding as mob enforcer Jatemme Manning.

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