I don t want to be a single mom anymore. 5 Things to Do if You Don’t Want to Parent Anymore.

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Parents Open Up About Regretting Having Kids

I don t want to be a single mom anymore

None of which have actually happened, of course, and they know that. Instead, work with an adoption professional or state official. Not everyone is cut out to be a mom, and that's okay too. I had the dream wedding with the ballerina dress, flowers, candles, and best party of my life. Not even if we did get a lifetime supply of Aqua Net with coupons. He spent an hour on a playdate shouting at his friend and making the other child cry, several times. If ever there was a couple ready to have kids, it was us. This is incredibly dangerous, and you will not be able to guarantee the safety of your child once they are placed. It's a full time job; a complete dedication of everything we women have to offer. A stubborn child meets a determined rule. But just imagine all the joy and meaning your kids bring to your life! Too tired to do the dishes that night? There is no reprieve, no rest and no gratitude for what I do. If you contact American Adoptions , you can always speak to a trained counselor for free and with no obligation to choose adoption about your personal situation and the dilemma you are in. Kids rally with each other to form a united front and the tug of war of debate and consequence begins. I don t want to be a single mom anymore

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I don t want to be a single mom anymore

I don t want to be a single mom anymore

I don t want to be a single mom anymore

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  1. Sometimes they even require extra money for their medical bills or therapy. I chose the latter.

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