How to talk to a shy person. How to Make Conversation with a Shy Person - Making Conversation with the Painfully Shy.

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How to get a shy person to open up and talk to you more

How to talk to a shy person

Looking or smiling at others while someone is speaking to you will put off any speaker and more so if that person is naturally shy. Keep in mind that, particularly at office social functions, other people could well be in the same situation you areā€”just looking for someone to chat with. Another problem is that if you take the lead too much you the other person may technically have a conversation with you, but they're not enjoying or contributing to it. It's no wonder you can't handle them. After a few minutes the anxiousness and cautiousness tends to fade and they'll start to open up. Also avoid being too insistent with your queries or probing too much into their opinions on politics or sports. Different people are comfortable with different levels of social activity, and being shy is natural. Don't do it, it gets old real quick. Avoid the usual small talk as much as possible Shy, quiet people say this all the time: Sometimes they're cheesy and just a bit 'too much' all around. For instance, you can ask about their interests, hobbies, or passion projects. If you find out that he or she has learnt Italian cooking or is fond of growing bonsais, compliment them on their special knowledge. How to talk to a shy person

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How to talk to a shy person

How to talk to a shy person

How to talk to a shy person

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  1. Sometimes they'll make a comment to other people in front of the person, like they're not there "This is Craig. If you are at a party begin by asking them how they know the hosts.

  2. Also, rather than shaking them out of their quietness, it often makes people feel more self-conscious and misunderstood. And, whatever you do, hands off your smartphone.

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