Always my baby girl. Daughter Quotes.

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Lyrics Tim McGraw's My Little Girl-Pictures at the end!

Always my baby girl

Carey included the song in her Las Vegas residency, Mariah Carey Number 1's , where she walked through the audience for the second verse and chorus. So look below to some of my favorite daughter quotes that I've slipped into her lunchbox or just shared with her because it made me think of her. It includes a rap from Da Brat and background vocals from Xscape. Lil' Vicious] — 4: Publish your explanation with "Explain" button. Three back-up singers were provided, one male and two female, while Carey interacted with the front row fans. Dupri Mix [feat. Xscape] — 3: Dupri Extended Mix [feat. Click on highlighted lyrics to explain. Get karma points! The shot of Carey in a beret that would become the cover for this single is a scene from the video. As she sits upon the swing, scenes of two children sneaking out of their bungalow in the middle of the night are shown. Towards the end of the video, scenes of the trio in the studio are shows, and intermingled with snippets of Carey walking inside her mansion, shared with then husband Tommy Mottola. Always my baby girl

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Always my baby girl

Always my baby girl

Always my baby girl

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  1. Having possibly witnessed the entire event, Carey is seen once again by the large swing, chuckling and staring into the night's sky.

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