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Watch my gf blog

The hot teen held on tight to his neck, just dangling as he stuffed her with cock meat. My friend grabbed her by the back of her neck and pushed her face against his crotch, fucking her mouth. He lifted her leg and rammed his big dick deep inside her gushing cunt with one thrust, deep into her, pressing her hot body against him while banging his girlfriend in standing position. I told her to text him and tell him to come over. They fuck til she lets out a scream and cums on his dick. I drop my head and cant bear to look anymore. Watching her gag on his cock upside down was quite a thrill. He put her back on her feet and took off her thong. Your Comments. Moments later I hear his car door. He knocks on the door, I get in place and my gf lets him in. Five minutes later he's gone. Once we were pretty drunk I asked her if she cared to prove her theory. One night my girl and I were hanging out at her place and she got a text from her "friend" Jerome, who I didn't care for but my gf would say "he's just a friend. I open my eyes to see my beautiful gf attempting to take 10 inches of meat in her mouth. Watch my gf blog

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Watch my gf blog

Watch my gf blog

Watch my gf blog

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